Muddy Rose-Bones Royal Ribs

We are animals. By exploring the adversary or dark shadow part of myself hidden within my subconscious, the animal within me is emerging in my collages, paintings and drawings. Cutting out photos and illustrations of books and magazines, I select images that provoke me fear, curiosity, fascination, anger, craving, sadness and confusion.

The theories of Carl Jung influences the work, especially his concept of The Shadow. For Jung: “The Shadow is that hidden and repressed personality whose origin reaches the realm of our animal ancestors”.  Artistic decisions made in the course of assembling the collages are based purely on intuition. The process is directed by my unconscious mind in order to access those things hidden within my subconscious. Inspired by one of the icons of my culture, Frida Kahlo’s paintings express her pain and anguish. The characters consist of bones, animals, diagrams, media people, daily life objects and organic material. Like Remedios Varos’ surreal paintings, nonsense becomes acceptable when it takes paper form.

These collages then become starting points for oil and watercolor paintings. Narratives emerge, similar to Marcel Dzama’s playful figures, by depicting several creatures together. My oil paintings, scaled to actual human size, become possible mirrors of the person standing in front of them. We are all animals, and we all have a shadow.