Primitive mining



Primitive mining  explores that we are social animals who are more alike than different. We each reflect one another. I surround the subjects with a background of crumpled textured foil , while the figures are created with smooth foil.The shiny aluminum reflects the light allowing me to “paint” the figures varying degrees of light and reflections.   The effect of the light produces crystals, stars and diamonds that mirror and abstract each viewer’s body. The figures in the mural dance silently as individuals, and yet part of the collective whole.
Primitive mining is a composite of watery reflections that encompasses both the individual and the community. In creating this mural I want to connect to my origins, as a social animal, who belongs to a tribe.  I begin the mural by projecting my classmates’ shadows onto the canvas.  Each person then picks their favorite animal, and their shadow is altered to include the chosen animal head.The aluminum foil is then cut, folded, crumpled, and stretched to create an array of textures that allow me to reflect the unique personality of each classmate.  The result is a collage that reveals both individuals and their reflection of each other.